A Note to My Younger Self...

Ok, listen, focus, breathe.

I know — life is a lot to figure out, decipher and just the art of living well is more complicated than you anticipated and heck it doesn’t really provide you with a manual. You get some instruction but basically you are searching for where you fit in and trying to discover what you want.

You have decisions to make. They don’t have to happen instantaneously even though they DO need to happen but seriously, take time to listen, focus and breathe. It’s a good starting point.

Take a minute or two, well maybe slightly longer than that — and think this thing through…all the way through. To the end. The end game. What’s your end game?

You want to be..... Well you don’t know what you want to be. Ok yeah, there was that whole work in a gum ball factory thing for a minute, but that probably had more to do with the fascination of gum ball dispensers you were so attached to as a kid. But seriously it’s not like you would imagine it to be. It’s not like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory —You don’t want to work in a gum ball factory. You like gumballs. Oh and there was that teacher thing for a while and the whole nurse or doctor thing too. You like helping people — and that’s the whole point. You want to help others. Deep down that is the thing you want to do the mostest.

Yes, you need a job. Your parents are not going to support you for the rest of your life and neither is your husband but that’s no reason to freak out. Your parents aren’t supporting you now and haven’t been since you graduated from high school and yes, your husband helps out but it's good to know you've got this — God forbid anything happens. Yes you’re 53 but it’s still no reason to panic. This isn’t the end of the game. You may be in the third quarter but the game isn’t over yet.

Yes, you have a full time job and it’s a good job — it pays well and has benefits. After all it’s working with artisan chocolate (actually, that is pretty close to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory — so maybe I'm not too far off from the gum ball factory idea after all.) Yes, it is still helping people maybe not in the way you thought but seriously have you ever heard of anyone gettting angry or stressed out over chocolate, and it’s a company thats mission statement consists of “Bringing Peace to the World One Chocolate At a Time.” You are helping sweeten relationships. This is good.

But you still want more.

There are so many out there in need of help, physically, mentally, spiritually and somehow over time and your own life experiences you've discovered a key. A key to your true self. Your key is Reiki. It's about helping others to be true to yourself and to never lessen the meaning of who you are. Never to be partial. Never living two different ways. It's about helping others with the power of Reiki and showing them the health benefits.

Yes, you can do this for a while but it's not about to pay the rent. It's great to subsidize but how do you build it. And you can keep doing this until you finally quit the job and help people with Reiki for a living.

This sounds like a plan.

But listen to me, ok?

It’s not.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad path, the one that’s staring you down with an offer of healing people. Follow it and you will end up with a good practice, a good salary, and some amazing friends that you’ll still have many years later. You will meet other practitioners who heal. You will see amazing results. You will help them. You will argue for them. You will win for them. It’s a good life.

But you won’t be a Reiki Master, or at least not the kind of Reiki Master you want to be. You will not conquer the world with the healing power of your hands. You will not spend your days touching and healing the way you think you want because let's face it not every one is open to it. You will not be on 60 Minutes. You will not rate a slot on the Ellen show because of your zen brilliance that led to a coveted aha moment for her — (well because she's already got her bag of stuff together.) You will not see your name on the Washington or Huffington Post or any city’s Chronicle. You won't even be heralded as a Ghandi or Buddha or any other person in that realm.

Can you live without all of that? Of course you can.

Can you live well without all of that? Yes, you can.

Will your life be good without all of that? Of course it will. Don’t be silly.

But are you ok with that? Or do you think you can hang out at an artisan chocolate shop just a little while longer?

Are you willing to let go of the possibly, maybe tomorrow to grab hold of the certain real right now?

Can you live with the what if?

Think about that. Think it all the way through to the end before you decide what to do.

Figure out your end game. The real one.

As a matter of fact, from now on, I want you to think like that for all of your life decisions. Ok?

And while you’re thinking, let me tell you something — something I know for sure.

You’ll be ok.

Good luck kid.

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